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Dog "Betty”

Located in North Carolina


Character:  Delights everyone she meets.  Constant wagging tail.  Well mannered.

Traits:  Photogenic.  Wears costumes well.   Adapts well to all environments.


Socialization:  Works as a therapy dog in nursing homes, rehab and assisted living facilities.  .  A favorite with her veterinary practice.  Attends Fun With The Pugs and Play With The Pugs events through Mid-Atlantic Pug Rescue, Dog Day at the Burlington Royals ball park,  book signings, and Alice Austen Pug Fun-Fundraiser in NYC.  Travels extensively.


Favorites:  Treats.  Food (except leafy greens).  Children. People.


Grooming:  Glossy black.   A trim 19#.  Length neck to shoulders:  14”  Height 12”.  Well manicured.


Training:  Holds Intermediate Education Training Certificate.  Sits, downs and stays to hand signals.  Navigating around wheelchairs and walkers.  Registered Emotional Support Dog.


Achievements:  Large following on her Facebook page.  Published a book.

Experience:  Fundraisers.  Many roles in plays and musicals.  Photo shoots. 

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