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Talent who seek to entertain audiences with fun and laughter.

Through jokes, amusing situations, acting foolishly, or employing prop comedy. 

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Eric Grady

World's Tallest Comedian - Corporate Entertainer & Humorist.  Bringing Laughter to New Heights!


Meet Eric Grady, the towering force of laughter in the corporate entertainment scene! Standing tall in both stature and wit, Eric combines towering humor with an unparalleled stage presence, creating an unforgettable experience for audiences worldwide. 


Unmatched Entertainment: - Stand-Up Comedy: 


Hilarious anecdotes, observational humor, and witty storytelling tailored for corporate events. - Customized Presentations: Engaging and entertaining keynotes, presentations, and emceeing services. 


Corporate Appeal: - Corporate-Friendly Humor: 


Clean, relatable, and adaptable comedy suitable for diverse audiences. - Tailored Performances: Crafting comedy routines to suit your event theme, industry, or specific message. 


Key Highlights:  - Versatile Talent: Capable of entertaining audiences of all sizes and backgrounds. 


Client Testimonials: "Eric Grady is not just tall in stature but also in talent! His humor resonated perfectly with our audience, making our event a standout success." - Lauren Aiken  

Jessica Abrams

Jessica Abrams performs standup comedy in clubs all over the country (and even in Paris, France) and was a regular at the prestigious Comedy Store in Los Angeles.


As an actress, she appears in the upcoming season of THE LINCOLN LAWYER on Netflix, CHICAGO FIRE on NBC and the movie SURVIVE THE NIGHT with Bruce Willis.

Combining personal anecdotes with observational humor and engaging crowd work, Jessica has an unforgettable stage presence mixed with clean, smart comedy. She
doesn’t talk down to her audience and assumes everyone is as smart as she is.


Having worked in the corporate world for many years herself, Jessica knows that milieu well, and is able to relate to it and laugh about it in equal measure. Jessica enjoys engaging with her audience and thinks of her comedy as having a conversation with a group of
people as much as entertaining them.


Her humor is clean, relatable and suitable for diverse audiences. She will craft her comedy routine to suit any theme, venue and/or message.

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