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Dog: “Daisy Grace”

Located in Greenville, South Carolina

Weight 8 lbs.

Daisy Grace is an intelligent, loving 8 year old Yorkshire Terrier who came into our lives in April of 2019. We knew when we met her that she was something quite special.


She has a beautiful blue and gold coat that is kept at a short to medium length with a top knot to add to her feminine charm.


Daisy is very photogenic and holds still for photos.  She will wear clothes, hats and sunglasses.


Daisy has a graduation certificate from a level one obedience training class. She can come, sit, stay, lay down, on command. And recognizes hand signals for sit and stay.  She is proof that you can “teach an old dog new tricks!”


Daisy is a quick learner and is always eager to work for a treat.

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