Rocky DeBarko

Located in North Carolina

Breed: Shih-Tzu

DOB: 10/28/2019


Rocky loves to play fetch with his toys, car rides, and cuddling.

He as a Tri-color coat with Brown and Black ears and his body is white.

We are keeping his coat long and flowing.

Rocky is a quick to learn new things and is always ready to do anything for a treat.


Rocky has completed PetSmart Beginners training:

* Introduction to basic cues as “Sit”, “Come” & “Wait”

* Basic manners and problem prevention

*  Socialization with people and other dogs

*  Loose leash walking

* “Take it” / “Leave it” / “Drop it”


Rocky will begin PetSmart Intermediate Training:

*  August 13th 2020 where he will learn additional skills.

*  Review beginners training and gain reliability with added

     distance, distractions and duration

*   Additional cues including “Heel”, “Stay” and “Go to Bed”

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