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Horse “Gringo”

Located in North Carolina


Breed: Branded Mustang (captured / branded by bureau of land management, Wyoming)

Age: 12

Gender: Gelding (neutered male)

Height: 14 Hands

Weight: 900 lbs

Coloring / Markings : White, Grey – no significant markings


Gringo regularly performs for events and in front of cameras. He is trained to respond to hand / verbal cues hence can be cued from reasonable distance without physical contact or restraint. He is trained through positive reinforcement and easily learns new behaviors in short amounts of time.


Tricks / Behaviors:


Shake head “no”


Give Hoof


Walk Backwards

Lead by Tail (figure 8’s, whatever direction)

Walk sideways

Spin in place



Walk / trot in circles around person

Walk in circles in reverse around person

Grab objects on cue

Jump objects on cue


Swing Hula Hoops over his head, around his neck

Lay down / Play Dead

Take saddle blanket off his back / resisting ride


Play Ball

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