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Dog “Hamilton”

Located in North Carolina


NAME:  Hamilton

LOCATION:  Charlotte, NC


BREED:  Australian Labradoodle (Medium)

DOB:  2/2/18


WEIGHT:  52 lbs

COLOR:  Chocolate

COAT:  Amazingly soft, fleece coat with tremendous success thus far with being allergy and asthma friendly

Eyes:  Light Brown/Hazel with a constant twinkle


Hamilton’s skills include heel, sit, place, stay, go, lie down, come, fetch, smile, shake, wave, hug, kiss and pose for photos.


Hamilton is an incredibly handsome doodle who turns heads and wins hearts wherever he goes.  He enjoys making his rounds to local dog bars, breweries, restaurants and canine events to socialize with his many friends (canine and human).  He loves being out and about and is often recognized as a result of being featured on several business and lifestyle Instagram sites.  He is easy-going and loves being petted all over and giving hugs in return.  Hamilton is eager to please, focused and not easily distracted when under command.

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