Dog “Kirkley”

Located in South Carolina


NAME: Kirkley 

LOCATION: Greenville, SC 

BREED: English Cream Golden Retriever 

DOB: 12/17/2016 


WEIGHT: 85 lbs. 

COLOR: Light cream to white with small brown highlights. 

COAT: Medium length hair with longer feathering on chest & thighs. His hair length is a little shorter than usual for his breed. 

EYES: Dark brown iris with black pupils. His gaze is friendly and intelligent. 

TAIL: Kirkley is a tail-wagger and swishes it with joyful action. His tail is muscular at the base, tapered to the tip, and has a nice upward curve. 

CORE OBEDIENCE TRAINING: Sit, stay, down, come, off, shake and gives kisses.


Kirkley trains easily and is food motivated!

He's willing to learn more tricks and behaviors as requested. 


PERSONALITY: Kirkley's has a very regal appearance and great body lines. He is very social, loves people, children and other dogs. Kirkley is always happy and eager to please. Adherent with the breed, Kirkley loves to carry off personal possessions, looking back with a smile, hoping you'll give chase and a friendly tug-of-war. He's a comedian and loves the attention. 

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