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Age: 2 years
Weight: 5 lbs
Measurements: N= 9, G= 16(with fluff), L= 9

Rescued from a puppy mill - she can be shy learning not all people are bad but give her a treat and you are friends for life

She may be a bit shy but don't let that fool ya, she is a little Diva 

She has a lot of energy and loves to play with her squeaky toys and tennis balls (fav toy is LambChop)

She can sit, lay, shake, high five and turn - new to training but is learning well

Does runway modeling with human models

Does runway modeling for Dog Clothes Designers - has traveled from NY, IL, TN to FL doing modeling/ competitions

She will wear most any type of Dog Clothing: Hats, hair bows, sun glasses, gowns/ dresses, pj's/ rompers, shirts and coats


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