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Dog "PIP”

Located in North Carolina

Breed: Golden Retriever

Color: White/English Cream

Age: 1

Born February 24, 2017


Pip is registered as an Emotional Support dog with AKC. She has been trained and graduated from PetSmart pet training, beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. She is training for her Canine Good Citizen test.


Pip loves greeting people with a big smile, lots of tail wagging and sitting at your feet waiting to be pet. She is an extremely well behaved lovable dog.



  • Very sociable

  • Always smiling

  • Happy

  • Playful



  • Sneaky with stealing socks and papers and prancing away with a smile on her face and her tail in the air

  • Finds every mud puddle, or body of water, runs over to it, glances back with a smile then proudly rolls around to be completely covered in mud and soaking wet

  • Takes ownership of the arm chair lounge to watch Dog TV when she is home alone

  • Loves getting a bath and blow-dry



  • Sit

  • Stay

  • Lay down

  • Wait

  • Shake

  • Will wear costumes

  • Holds things gently in her mouth

  • Sits like a human on the couch

  • Head tilt side to side

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