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Located in Roxboro

Vulcan knows a plethora of tricks you can view his instagram :


Some of his tricks include sit, shake, wave, beg/sit pretty, come, spin, platform jump, jump through a hoop, skateboard. He is highly trainable so he can be trained to do anything he needs within a few days. Vulcan is clicker trained.


Some of his socialization includes events such as Celebrity Catwalk where he models clothing with the Gardner Poms on stage in a loud event.


Vulcan has also been to NC's Prettiest Pet Pagent which benefits meals on wheels and a few other charities, also a loud mostly canine event. 

He has also been to Atlanta's Pet Expo in Atlanta GA and used as a demo kitty there. He was groomed for a live event by Patty Lee of One White Whisker in Charlotte. 


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